the farm

Our great gran father Girolamo Dalle Ore bought the farm in 1903. Led by the love for his land and his great passion for the vine he was the first in the area to combine quality principles and the millennial viticulture tradition of the Lessini area.
Our mission today is to work our land with the same enthusiasm and great passion of our great gran father, combining biological agriculture and biodynamic practice.

In order to produce authentic wines we fully respect each plot of land and we don’t use any chemical products; we just work on the land, keeping under control the output. Our vines are wisely cultivated, harvested with perseverance, and vinified with passion. The determinant natural factors that create our peculiar micro-climate what create the peculiar micro-climate of our hills are determinant natural factors such as the south exposure, the geological structure of the soil, the ever-present breeze, and the ancient volcano limitless energy. These are the same natural factors that contribute to an original and classy cru. Marco, Vittorio, and Luciano Margoni Dalle Ore are the fourth generation to succeed the family in their passion for the land and wine. They made a promise to endure the traditions of the Tenuta Dalle Ore that spring up on Trissino’s (VI) hills in that locality which has always been called La BertolĂ .