the rule

The Agno Valley Rules – A framework for responsible agriculture



The winery cares for the environment and respects its flora and fauna. In order to maintain a natural habitat, not more than 80% of the surface area can be used for specialized cultivation, retaining at least 20% of the area as meadow and woodland.


In order to retain the specific features of the land, which makes all of these wines unique, no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides (which can damage the micro flora and the aquifers and indiscriminately eliminate beneficial insects) are used.


Mechanical cultivation of the soil controls weeds and ensures a special short grass can grow. This shallow layer of grass encourages the vines to reach deeper into the ground, to work harder, increasing their resistance, and allowing minerals to better saturate the roots. All of this is key to the quality and expressiveness of the wines. For the same reason the vines are not irrigated—the vineyards rely only on natural rainfall.


The knowledge and experience of generations built the connection between the environment and the soil. The winery accepts the responsibility to conscientiously monitor the entire process of production to ensure responsible agriculture.